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Company Promotion Video Shooting


  • Distribution and Marketing: The completed company promotional video is made ready to be published on various platforms. It can be used on the business website, social media channels, at meetings, trade fairs or other marketing events. The video allows potential customers to learn more about the business, strengthen the brand image and visually communicate the advantages of products or services more effectively.
  • Post-Production After filming is complete, the post-production phase begins. At this stage, the footage and sound recordings are edited, colorized, graphics and effects are added and the video content is edited. Sound effects and music are also added at this stage. The post-production process aims to achieve an impressive result by editing the video in a professional manner.
  • Company Promotion Video Shooting is a service realized in video format to visually promote a business or brand’s self, products or services. This service is used to effectively convey the message of the business to potential customers, business partners or the general audience.

Company Promotion Video Shooting service usually includes the following steps:

  • Needs Analysis and Concept Development: A needs analysis is conducted, taking into account the goals, message and target audience of the business. Then, concepts and scenarios for the video are developed. In this step, a compelling story is created by emphasizing the unique values, products or services of the business.
  • Production Planning: A production plan is made for the video shoot. This includes the identification of shooting locations, preparation of shooting equipment, selection of actors or presenters, shooting schedule and other technical details. The production plan ensures that the shooting process is organized and efficient.
  • Çekim Süreci: Planlama aşamasından sonra, video çekimi gerçekleştirilir. Bu, profesyonel kamera ekipmanları ve gerekli prodüksiyon ekibiyle gerçekleştirilen çekimleri içerir. Çekim sürecinde, işletmenin ürünleri, hizmetleri, çalışanları veya diğer önemli unsurları görsel olarak yakalanır.

The advantages of the Company Promotion Video Shooting service can be as follows:

  • Effective Communication: The video format allows the business to effectively communicate its message visually and aurally. Potential customers can get more comprehensive information about their products or services and better understand the values, brand image and differences of the business.
  • Capturing Attention: Videos better capture the attention of the audience and present in a more engaging way. People often prefer to watch videos and can absorb more information faster than text.
  • Strengthening Brand Image: A quality company promo video reflects the professionalism, reliability and brand image of the business. A good video can leave a positive impact on the target audience and strengthen brand perception.

  • Social Media and Internet Activities: Company promotional videos can be shared on social media platforms and reach a wider segment of the target audience. They can also be used on the business website or other online platforms, allowing potential customers to learn more about the business.

  • Competitive Advantage: A good company promo video can highlight the unique values and differences that set the business apart from its competitors. It can help the business gain a competitive advantage by making a more attractive presentation about its products or services.

  • Digital advertising services aim to support brands’ digital marketing strategies to reach their target audiences, increase brand awareness and ensure business growth.
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