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Corporate Identity Design


  • Colour Palette and Typography Selection: During the corporate identity design process, a brand-specific colour palette and typography are selected. Colours reflect the personality of the brand and determine its feeling. Typography selection determines the typefaces and text style of the brand. These elements ensure that the brand gains a consistent and recognisable appearance.

  • Corporate Document Design: Corporate identity design includes the visual design of corporate documents (presentations, brochures, letters, business cards, etc.). These documents should carry the identity of the brand and display a consistent appearance. During the design process, the brand colours, logo, typography and other brand elements are used.
  • Corporate Identity Design is the process involving visual and graphic elements used to create a unique and recognisable identity of a business or brand. This service aims to create a brand identity that reflects the values, personality and vision of the business. Corporate identity design includes logo design, colour palette, typography, brand icons, corporate documents and other visual elements.

Corporate identity design service usually includes the following steps:

  • Brand Strategy: During the corporate identity design process, a brand strategy is created by considering factors such as the goals, values, target audience and competitive analysis of the business or brand. This strategy determines how the brand will be perceived and what messages it will convey.
  • Logo Design: The logo is considered the most important visual element of a business or brand. During the corporate identity design process, a logo specific to the brand is designed. The logo should reflect the values, personality and differences represented by the brand. Elements such as colours, shapes, typography and symbols are used in the design process.
  • Brand Guide: Once the corporate identity design is complete, a brand guide is created. This guide includes the rules of use of the brand, logo usage, colour palette, typography rules and the correct use of other brand elements.
  • Corporate identity design service helps a business or brand to create a unique identity. Consistent colours, professional typography, impressive logo design and other elements of brand identity distinguish the business from its competitors and strengthen the brand image. Corporate identity design enables the brand to gain the trust of customers by conveying a message of consistency, reliability and professionalism.
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