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Social Media Management


  • Content Creation and Publishing: Regular and engaging content is created and published for social media accounts. This content can include texts, images, videos, infographics and other media. Content aims to provide valuable information to the target audience, drive engagement and communicate the brand message.
  • Interaction Management: Interactions such as comments, messages or tagging from social media accounts are managed. This includes the process of responding to users, resolving questions, responding to feedback and encouraging positive interactions. Engagement management is important to improve brand reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media Management is the process of managing a business or individual’s social media accounts to be active on social media platforms, increase brand awareness, engage with target audiences and support marketing objectives. This service includes various activities such as social media strategy creation, content creation and publishing, engagement management, analysis and reporting.

Social Media Management service usually includes the following steps:

  • Social Media Strategy: The first step is to create a social media strategy that aligns with the goals and target audience of the business. This strategy includes factors such as determining which social media platforms to use, defining the target audience, identifying content types and setting goals.
  • Account Management and Optimization: Social media accounts are created or existing accounts are managed. Accounts are set up correctly, aligned with the brand identity and optimized. Profile information, images and descriptions are edited to accurately reflect the identity and brand of the business or individual.
  • Monitoring Statistics and Analytics: During the social media management process, the performance of accounts is regularly monitored and analyzed. This includes evaluating engagement rates of posts, follower growth rate, reach statistics and other metrics. This data is used to measure the effectiveness of the strategy and guide future content and marketing efforts.
  • Growing Followers and Targeting the Target Audience: Strategies are applied to increase the number of followers of social media accounts. The target audience is analyzed and content that will affect the target audience is created.
  • Content Planning and Programming: Social media management includes content planning and scheduling. This means creating a content calendar, scheduling posts and publishing content on a regular basis. Content scheduling ensures that users see content on a regular and consistent basis and keeps social media accounts active and vibrant.
  • Advertising Management: Social media platforms offer advertising options. Social media management services can include the creation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns. This includes processes such as preparing targeted ads, budget management, tracking targeted results and analyzing ad performance.
  • Social Media Management service strengthens the brand’s presence on social media, connects with the target audience, increases brand awareness, improves customer relations and supports marketing goals. A professional social media management ensures an effective presence on social media platforms and contributes to the growth of your business.
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